Brave Party Favors – DIY Bow and Arrows

Yesterday I posted on my other blog about my daughter’s Brave-themed birthday party. Thinking the kids might like to emulate Merida from Brave,  I made some cute little bows and arrows that I found on the boards. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

Very easy to make, you just need string, popsicle sticks, Q-Tips, and a sharp blade.

First I measured a length from the ends of each stick to make sure they were all uniform.

Then I used a medium gauge  blade to cut two notches on each end.

After carefully bowing the stick a little (use caution because they will snap) I took some kitchen twine that I had unravelled, and used two twisted strands, stretching them from end-to-end of the sticks tightly and tying them into those notches.

Then they were ready to go! Q-Tips were the perfect arrows for the young crowd we had at the party.

And they really do work!

BTW, if you are looking for something a little more elaborate, there are bows and arrows that you can make using PVC tubing. This was a little bit too much for the three-to-seven-year-old kids who attended our party. But as my friend Michelle suggested, they might be good for The Pricess’s 11th Hunger Games themed party. We’ll see in five years…

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