A Tidy Linen Closet is a Happy Linen Closet

The Internet is full of housekeeping tips, and I came across this one for organizing the linen closet recently. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

Before I started, the hall linen closet was quite a mess. Every time I opened the door, I would think, geez, we (and by that I meant the Royal “We”) need to do something about this mess.

I emptied the sheets out of the closet, and got started with stuffing those pillowcases, but right away, I noticed that my sheets still didn’t look as neat and tidy as the ones in the photo.

So I asked myself: WWMD? (What Would Martha Do?) I pulled out the iron.

Of course, Martha’s iron probably looks like this one:

But I think that if you can afford one of those, you’re probably not doing much of your own ironing, know what I mean? In fact, if you can afford one of those, you can most likely afford one of these:

Anyway, ironing is hot, sticky work. After one set of sheets, I figured that would be way too much maintenance. I mean, what am I? My mother? So, instead, I just ironed the pillowcases and carefully re-folded the linens to tuck them inside the cases.

Still a lot more work than I usually do, just folding and stuffing in the closet, but it did look nicer. Plus, it really saved a lot of space! When all was said and done, I had a whole extra empty shelf  left over! That won’t last long…