Ticket Stub Shadow Box

One day while cruising the boards I came across a neat idea for displaying old ticket stubs. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:


I have been collecting ticket stubs for more almost two decades, at least since Manfrengensen and I started dating, and I had kept them in a box in the closet. This seemed like a great idea for displaying them. I made an earlier version, but it didn’t turn out too great. First of all, it was way too small to accommodate the myriad stubs we have collected over the years, and secondly, the shadow box I bought did not have any means of easily adding to the collection once the project was done.

So, I got a bigger shadow box at the craft store that had a sliding lid. This feature makes it easy to keep adding to the collection in the future.

There was a problem though, when I removed the original photo from inside the box, it left some scars on the backing. This was easily remedied by covering it with stickers. Plus, later, I actually pasted some ticket stubs up there so that they could be highlighted in the collection. We have so many stubs, that it was hard to make out too many titles once they were all put into the box.

Next I took some plastic letter stencils and put them onto the glass to spell “ADMIT ONE” with silver enamel paint.

Once the paint was on, I removed the stencils before it dried, which was what the directions suggested.

And then I filled up the box.

It was fun to go through and find stubs for favorite movies like The Big Lebowski and Elf, and I even found stubs from our first movie date — a forgotten gem called Smoke, starring Harvey Keitel. Whatever happened to that guy?