What Do You Get The Dad Who Has Everything? The iDad! Happy Father’s Day!

Sorry if this is too late for you to put something together for your dad, but my husband tends to read this blog, and I wanted to keep this post a secret. For Father’s Day this year, I wanted to do something a little more personal and less material. On the boards, I found this adorable card called the iDad. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

For the project, you need black and white cardstock paper, some printed app icons (I found all mine on Google images), glue, and an exact0-knife.

First, I pasted together one black piece of cardstock to a white one.

Next I printed out some app icons I found on Google, after sizing them relatively uniformly, and cut them out.  Those were pasted to a black piece of cardstock.

Next, using an Exact-o knife, I cut each of the icons around three sides, leaving the fourth one to be flipped up at a later time.

Next,  the top was attached to the other two pieces that I had glued earlier, with this black piece on top of the white one, like an Oreo cookie. Then, I cut around the perimeter, to make the edges rounded, and I drew a circle and pseudo-screen using a silver Sharpie. The original blogger did this before putting all the pieces together, but it was just as easy this way.

On the back, I put the iDad and Apple symbols.

Inside I put my own little messages, for example, under the calculator icon, it says “Dad > everything”, and under the Twitter one it says, “#Best Dad Ever”, etc.

We gave it to Manfrengensen on Father’s Day, and he really loved it. It was a lot of fun to make, and overall cost about the same as a regular card, or even less than one of those cards that sings.