What a Wicket Game to Play

It’s summer, so you know I am trying my best to keep everyone busy and having fun. I came across this cute and easy-to-create game on the boards a few weeks ago. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:


The game was very inexpensive and easy to set up. First I got a few pool noodles from Five Below. Cost: $1 each. Then, while dining recently at a seafood/Asian-fusion restaurant, I kind of lifted more than my share of disposable chopsticks. Mind you, I am not suggesting you should do this, but it saved me from looking all over for chopsticks, and the price couldn’t have been better. I took five pairs, and tipped a little heavier than the usual 15%.

Next I put the chopsticks in the ground,

and then put the noodles over those,

Until a whole playing field was laid out.

And then the kids got to kicking!

A good time was had by all. The game we played was kind of like golf — see who can get through all the hoops using the fewest kicks, but I am sure there are a number of ways to play with this set-up.