DIY Wizard Wand


Later this summer, I’m planning to work at a wizard-themed camp as one of the counselors. I’d gotten most of my costume ready, except for a wand, and then I found this simple idea for making wands on the boards. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

First, I used one of the chopsticks that I had leftover from the wicket game, along with hot glue, a few beads, and paint. I chose to use the chopstick, but you can also buy dowels of varying lengths and thickness at Michael’s if you want something a little more heavy.

First I put on the hot glue.

Then a few beads…

…and then, once the glue had cooled slightly, I twirled and smoothed it out a bit. But it was hard to time it right. When the glue is hot, it is really sticky, and once it cools too much, which is quickly, you can’t really change the shape easily. In addition, and maybe it was just the quality of my glue gun, there were quite a few spider-webby strings here and there. In order to compensate for those factors, I added more glue.

And then I remembered that I had a nice big wooden bead that I had planned to put at the end of the thing, so I stuck that on.

Once all the glue had cooled, it was ready for paint.

Once it was done though, I wasn’t keen on the light brown color,

so I repainted it to make it darker. Overall, it will do the trick I feel like quite the Olivander tonight.