The Big Tease – Fixing Barbie’s Hair With Fabric Softener

We have a large population of Barbies inhabiting our basement, and there are more, who have migrated to the warmer climate of upstairs bathroom, where The Princess plays with them in her bath.

A while ago, I found a method for untangling Barbie’s hair using fabric softener on the boards. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

So, I asked the Princess to loan me a Barbie.

Nudity censored by request of the doll’s owner.

First I put about a tablespoon of fabric softener into a plastic cup,

and then filled the cup half-way with water.

After that, Barb’s went in head-first.

After soaking for a minute or so, I used a Barbie brush to extricate the hair from the tangles.

It wasn’t a pretty process. I went from scalp to ends, so there was some carnage. Let’s just put it this way: Had Barbie been alive, there would have been bloodshed. Thankfully, she only shed acrylic strands.

And, after about five minutes of brushing, I rinsed her hair with cold water, and squeezed out the excess with a paper towel. There was a little more brushing to be done after that, but it  was worth the noticeable difference.

But, Barbie’s hair wasn’t that bad to begin with. What about a real challenge? What about Rapunzel?

Rupunzel is one of the ones that is used regularly in the bathtub, and she was a real mess!

She went into the drink…


and after soaking for two or three minutes, I started to brush, though a bit more carefully at first, beginning with the ends.

But I had a real concerns about this tangle farther up that looked like squirrels could live in.

I kept brushing,

and hair kept coming out,

but in the end, she looked lovely!

Now The Princess has all her dolls lining up for a make-over. She says it’s like having new dolls.

Take a number, Jasmine.