Removing Sticker Residue From Glass

Recently, I bought a photo frame that had one of those annoying stickers on the glass, so I went looking for a method to remove it on the boards. I found one, but when I went back to post it here, I couldn’t find it again. Not sure why, but the method involved using a hair dryer and vinegar.

I did, however, find many claims on Pinterest that you could remove sticker residue using peanut butter, but then, what do you use to remove the peanut butter residue? The hair dryer/vinegar method just seemed a lot easier.

I had removed most of the sticker before realizing that I needed any tools.

Then, I took a hair dryer, and blew hot air onto the last remnants of the sticker to soften them.

I didn’t even have to remove the photos from the frame to do this!

After a minute or two under the heat, I used a metal spatula to scrape the remnants from the glass.

But that still left me with smeary-looking residue.

So I sprayed a little vinegar onto that,

and rubbed with a clean soft cloth.