Back to School Goldfish Crackers


School started the other day for my kids, and I wanted to celebrate by sending a little something special for the kids to have at school. There are lots of ideas on the boards, but I liked this one for a little note to go with their Goldfish snack.  The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

Yes, yes, very Martha-Stewart-esque. I couldn’t find my pinking shears though (yes, I really do have some, but I think they are in one of the kids’ craft baskets), so I had to cut them with my plain old kitchen scissors. First I got some card stock and made an outline of a circle by tracing the lid of the container I planned to use.

The kids had also stolen all of my black Sharpies. I had to make do with silver.

I didn’t want to use plastic bags. I’m kind of on a thing these days, trying not to contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, so I  put their Goldfish in a reusable snack container.

I cut out the circles, and then taped them on top of the containers. They took no time at all to put together, in fact, I made them while the kids were having breakfast, before they caught the bus.

The kids didn’t mind that the backing was unevenly scalloped. In fact, they didn’t even notice. The only thing they really gave me guff about was the bad pun, which you think they would be used to from me. But they did enjoy the fact that I had made it for them. There were smiles all around.