Hold It Right There! Making a Rug Stay Put With Caulk

We have several rugs upstairs that have driven me nuts for years with their wanderlust. I’ve tried pads, tape, poster tack, but nothing made them want to stay put. At least, not until I came across this idea on the boards for using acrylic caulk on the backs of the rug. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

I started with the one right outside our bedroom door.

See how far this bugger had strayed from its place??
p.s. Please pardon that little bit of debris on the floor. I assure you I picked it up not long after this was taken. Not right away, but not long after.

The caulk was placed directly on the back of the rug. Near the ends, I put the lines of caulk a little closer, but in the middle, they were roughly six inches apart.

I let it dry overnight, and put it right back on the floor with no pad underneath it or anything. And let me tell you, that rug is not going anywhere! I walked on it, danced on it, twirled on it; it’s stuck. And so far, there are no marks at all on the hardwood either. I am definitely going to need more caulk to do the rest of the rugs upstairs. This one’s a keeper!