Pinheads Revisited – The DIY Detox Bath

A few weeks ago, I took a detox bath, based on a pin displaying a “Natural Cold Remedy” and was a little disappointed with the results. After a note from a reader pointed out that I had been mistaken in thinking that the ginger was supposed to be fresh, I decided to give it another try. I did not personally have need for a detox bath, but my older son, Edison had a cough and sore throat, and he was kind enough to agree to be the test subject.

First I poured the peroxide into the bath water, and then I got the right kind of ginger.

The water was murky, to say the least. At first, Edison was reluctant to get in, but once the delicious smell of the ginger tickled his nostrils, he was game and then submerged.

And then he relaxed for the next half hour.

You probably can’t tell from this photo, but he looks a lot like I did at his age.

He did really sweat, and toward the end, he couldn’t wait to get out.

He rinsed off, and it did seem to have loosened some of the fluid in his throat and chest, but he was ultimately no better. In fact, a day later, I had to take him to the doctor, where he tested positive for strep, so obviously, this bath did not sweat the bacteria out of him as the original pinner on Pinterest claimed it could.

Oh, and the clean-up for this bath was even worse than for the grated ginger.

So basically, I am going to stand by my original assessment: debunked.