A Clean Coffee Maker is a Happier, Healthier Coffee Maker

I’m not going to lie to you. Our coffee maker has a lot of miles on it. How do I repay this work horse for its years of faithful service? I just keep on brewing. Lately though, it had started to complain a bit every morning. Not so much complain, but it sounded wheezy, like someone in an iron lung. So I thought it might be time to clean the thing.

There are lots of tips on how to clean a coffee maker on Pinterest. I found one on Wikihow that seemed to have some good tips, so I went with their advice. Most manufacturers and advisers tell you to mix one part vinegar with two parts water and run that through the machine, but I had a feeling that my situation was beyond that. So, using Wikihow’s advice, I made a mixture that was half white vinegar,

and half water.

I also changed the machine’s carbon filter and put in a clean coffee filter.

Then I poured the vinegar solution into the reservoir, ran the coffee maker through one cycle, let it cool for fifteen minutes, and ran another cycle with a new filter and clean cold water. That seemed to get rid of the wheezy sound.

So then I took a good look at the machine, and…yuck.

All that burned-on coffee couldn’t be doing anyone any favors. Plus, it was probably contributing to the snap, crackle and pop sounds that came out of the thing every time it was in use. So I made a paste of baking soda and water (another Pinterest tip for all things that need cleaning).

And scrubbed with a grout brush.

The brush removed lots of stain.

And I also wiped it with a dry paper towel.

I repeated the scrubbing with the paste about ten times. It was better, but the warming plate still wasn’t like new,

so I pulled out the cleanser.

That worked a little better, but there is still a bit of stain. I may try a Magic eraser later, or a steel wool pad.

Oh, well. at least the coffee takes great!