The Jingle Bell Holiday Shadow Box

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas season. I realize I am a little early, and I promise not to skip over Thanksgiving (which is big here in the States, but not so much for the rest of the world), but I had seen this craft a while back, bought all of the supplies, and really wanted to get to it. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:

It was very easy to make. In fact, my seven-year-old daughter, The Princess, did most of the work, so it would be a great project to do with kids, if you have them. First we assembled the parts.

Then I used some stickers on the front of the shadow box to display a holiday sentiment. You can also stencil these, or paint, or whatever you like to do. I like the way the original crafter used different sized letters to make the box. I just went with the letters I had handy.

Next, I used some tissue paper to give the box a little more color. You could also use gift wrap, scrapbook paper or fabric here.

And then The Princess arranged our jingle bells in the box. You can use any color or size bells that will fit in your shadow box. We went with colored glitter ones because that’s how The Princess likes to roll.

And then we put it all together,

and wrapped it up with a nice coordinating ribbon. It might be a good idea to glue or mod podge the ribbon to the frame, which I might do as we get closer to the holidays. Not necessary, but it will probably store much better after the holidays are over.