Pinheads Revisited – Random Acts of Kindness Day 2

The kids are genuinely into the whole idea of the random acts of kindness. Right after breakfast, they were ready to pull their assignments for the day.

The Princess likes to argue a bit. She’s going through a phase. First thing this morning, she started arguing with me about her desire to go to church, and then once I had gotten her used to the idea that she couldn’t stay home alone, she started her next fight, which was wardrobe-related. She wanted to wear her Christmas dress, but of course, the holiday is weeks away, so…And then there was the argument about getting dressed at all.

In exasperation, I finally said, “Princess, do you realize that you tend to fight about everything these days?”

And she said, “No, I don’t.”

So, there you go. We hardly ever agree.

She stepped up to the Random Acts of Kindness jar and pulled out this one: “LET SOMEONE ELSE WIN AN ARGUMENT.”

God, or whatever it is that pulls the strings in this life, works in mysterious ways.

Next, Clooney stepped up to the jar, and looking at the varying colors inside asked, “Which color is the easiest?”

I told him that there was no organization to the colors. I just tried to vary ideas across the color spectrum.

He stuck in his hand and pulled out, “GIVE SOMEONE A HUG.” The easiest one in the jar!

Edison has also had some fate-related pulls. He’s always been especially close to my mother-in-law. Born on her birthday, her first grandchild, he spent his first two-plus years in her care while I worked during the day. They have a special bond. His first card out of the jar said, “CALL GRAM.”

And then today: “CALL GRAM AND THANK HER FOR BEING HER.” (I had put a couple of these in there thinking different kids would pull them out.)

I’m beginning to think this process might be less random than I had intended…