Pinheads Revisited – The DIY Christmas Countdown (Advent) Calendar

The other day we started counting down to Christmas with the Advent calendar I made. In practice though, it didn’t work too well. The muffin cups didn’t stick to the pan as well as I would have liked, plus, it seemed like somebody (don’t want to mention any names) might have been peeking because the spot-on “guesses” were uncanny. In addition, I kind of want to make mini apple pies this week, so I need that muffin tin.

I really liked the idea of using drawers to make the Advent calendar, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, plus, I wanted to be able to personalize them to fit our style. I found this set of drawers on Amazon for a little over $15. They’re nice, sturdy, and they fit the bill, even though they are really small. The whole set is 8″x8″, so even though he’s made of Shrinky Dink, I couldn’t fit Santa in there. But everything else fits, so I went with it.


Ugh…my phone takes crappy, out-of-focus photos. I put the iPod in there to give you an idea of how big the set is.

I got some scrapbook paper from Michaels, and used the template that came with the drawers to put fronts on them. The drawers also came with numbered stickers, so I didn’t have to worry about sizing those. I think the upgrade is a little nicer, plus we will be able to use it year after year.