DIY 2013 Family Memory Jar

At the end of every year, we sit around the table and ask each other what the highlights of the last 12 months have been. Sure we come up with some big ones, that trip to that place, or the time when So-and-So learned to ______, but all those little moments get lost to time. This year, I thought it might be fun to remedy that after I came across an idea on the boards for creating a memory jar and taking the time to jot down things throughout the year that we can then share on December 31st. There are lots of different versions on Pinterest, and some of them look like this:


Photo courtesy of Marti Willis


Photo courtesy of Ainhoa


Photo courtesy of Michelle’s Tasty Creations

Then I went looking for a jar that fit our family’s personal style. I found this one at Michael’s, and I really like that it’s got a chalkboard label. Next year, we can just rewrite it, and I can take all the notes and photos that we collect in 2013 and put them in a SMASH book or something.


Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the blog. I will update the cover photo as the jar fills up.