Frugal Friday – An Attempt to Extend the Shelf-Life of Strawberries

Who doesn’t love strawberries, especially at this time of year? They are my favorite, but you know they don’t last long. Various sources on the Internet (so you know they must be true) claim that refrigerated strawberries will last three to five days. In my experience, that’s about right, though by the fifth day, the strawberries look really sad, and frankly unappetizing. So, I was pretty interested in a claim that you could extend the shelf-life of strawberries by using vinegar that I found on the boards recently. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:


After trying it out though, I have to say that I think the above photo was taken on Day 1. Here is what happened to my strawberries:

I bought some really nice ones on a Thursday. I checked through them and found that they were all perfect, so I washed them as usual with just a little water.

We sampled a few and they were really sweet.

We sampled a few and they were really sweet.

Next I placed them in a bowl and filled it with water until the berries were covered. I didn’t have too many strawberries, so I put in one cup of vinegar and let them sit for about ten minutes.


Then, I drained them, rinsed them,


and making sure that none of them were touching, set them out on a paper towel to dry for a little more than an hour.


They went back in the fridge, and I started to think this was a really good method, because the strawberry smell emanating from the fruit seemed stronger than it had been before I started the process.

I let them sit overnight in the fridge, and in the morning, they looked pretty much the same.


But they didn’t taste right. They weren’t as sweet as they had been before they were rinsed with the vinegar, so even if it had extended the life of the berries, I don’t think I would recommend this practice. We went away for the weekend, and when we came back, the berries were just as shriveled as they would have been if I had left them alone. I saw them in the fridge Sunday night when we got home and figured I would take a photo after putting the kids to bed, but here’s the thing: Manfrengensen decided to clean out the fridge while I was doing that, and he figured that the berries looked decrepit enough to flush down the disposal.

So bottom-line: save your vinegar and enjoy your strawberries while you can.