Frugal Friday – DIY Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair


I’m a mother of three kids on the go, so even when I do get a few minutes to take a shower, spending time on my hair is rarely something I can afford. It’s gotten to the point where I wash it every other day or so, and even then, sometimes I wish I could get another day out of it. They said that if you wash your hair too often, you can strip it of its natural oils, so it is actually better for you to give it a rest between shampoos. Back in the 1970’s, I remember finding an aerosol can on my mother’s bureau that contained dry shampoo, and that idea was pretty wild, but it turns out that dry shampoos can be rather expensive, costing between eight and forty dollars. Recently, I came across a recipe for dry shampoo on the boards, and since it included a recipe for dark hair like mine, I decided to give it a try. The photo on Pinterest looks like this:


Photo Courtesy of Small Home Big Start

There are basically three ingredients to this recipe: cornstarch, cocoa and essential oil. I didn’t want to make as much as Small Home Big Start did, so I cut all of the quantities in half.




I started out with 1/8 cup of cornstarch,




and then I added 1/8 cup of cocoa.




I used a wisk to mix them together and get all the clumps out of the powder.





Five dropped of vanilla-scented essential oil went in next, and then the powder was wisked again.




I had gotten my hair cut and styled the day before, but it had gone kind of flat overnight.




Using a make up brush, I dabbed sections of my hair at the roots,




waited a few minutes and then brushed out the hair.





Unfortunately, there was very little difference. Plus, if you are going to do this, I highly recommend doing it before you get dressed because I had to scrap the day’s wardrobe entirely.





But here’s the thing, a few hours later, I looked in the mirror again, and my hair looked fabulous! I think I just needed to wait a little longer for the powder to soak up any of the oil that was left in my hair.



I can’t say it was an all-day solution to getting another 24 hours out of your shampoo, but it did work for a while. And gee, my hair smelled delicious.