Super Easy Halloween Craft – The Candy Corn Tree

Recently I visited a friend who had a really neat decoration on her dining room table, and it looked pretty simple to make, so I went looking to see if anyone had made one on the boards, and of course, it was so easy that there were quite a few of these candy corn trees. Not only was it easy, but it cost next to nothing to make!

First I assembled the pieces. I found the sticks on the ground in my neighborhood. The vase was old, and the candy corn cost about a dollar.


As you can see, someone ate half of the candy corn before I got started.

The candy corn was hot-glued to the sticks,



which were then placed in the vase.


After that, I used the rest of the candycorn in the bottom of the vase.


Super easy! The whole process took about ten minutes, and like I said, cost around a dollar. Can’t beat that, right? Plus, now it looks pretty awesome on my dining room table.