Then Again, Maybe It’s Just My Negative Attitude.

Welcome to the 100th Post!! I had hoped to do something kind of special to mark the occasion, so I picked the COOLEST craft from my recent  board finds. Check it:



And the pin claimed that all you needed were a square vase, some old negatives, and Mod Podge. Totally easy right??

So, I assembled those.

And I got down to Mod Podging.  Now, I have worked with Mod Podge a lot in the past, so I figured it would be pretty simple.

I was wrong.

First of all, the negatives didn’t wrap too well in the corners of the vase.

And admittedly, I used matte-finish Mod Podge, but right from the start, the glue didn’t look right.

I tried it a few different ways,

Questioning my crafting abilities.

With good reason.

and then decided to let a few of the negatives dry before I continued. Sadly, I was disappointed, when after an hour, they started to peel away from the glass.

So I gave up. Here’s the thing: The original pin was not a how-to, but hey-cool, so there were no instructions as to how to proceed. For me, the answer was to pull it apart and wash off the glue. Maybe the negatives are supposed to go on the outside of the vase? Then they’d need to be sealed on the top as well, but I had figured that would be part of the process, even putting them on the inside of the vase. Oh well.  I’ll try again when it’s clean.